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Spin-video.ru was created to collect video of spinning and juggling people from Youtube (and other video sharing sites) in convenient pack.

You need to register If you want to fill our collection of video.

How to add video
1.The first step is to look for your video on this site(it could be added before). Copy and paste the title of the video to the site search box. Don't forget click "Search";-). If your video is not found, you can add it!
You can skip this step if you add your own videos uploaded to video hosting recently.

2. Videos are divided into two categories: action and tutorial. Identify the one that you need:
- Action video: show, demo, fun must be added here.
- Tutorial: this category is for videos in which one can learn some new tricks. Lessons in individual tricks or classes of tricks, workshops and tech-blogs

3. Fill the fields:
- for Action video you can choose the type of tools: combat, fire, glow, training pyrotechnic, other. Hold down the CTRL key for multiple select;
- for Tutorial you can choose difficulty: basic, intermediate, advanced, expert or various(for video filled by different tricks, e.g. tech blogs or workshops);

- for all videos:
1) Title. Copy the title of video from Youtube or another video sharing site;
2) Tools. Select the tools present in the video. Hold down the CTRL key for multiple select;
3) Actions. Similarly to the previous item;
4) Tags. You can write the keywords separated by commas here. Write here:
names and nickinames - Firestarter, Nick Woolsey, Yuta Imamura
festivals and other events(write it with event's year and in standart abbreviations form): Firedrums 2010, JFF 2005
some special: Fun, Fail
5) Video. Paste the video embed code here. Recommended width is 640 px(if you can choose this value);
6) Text content. Write a description of the video here. Everything that you want to say about it